Gaming Roleplay Storylines

On social media, I run a number of storylines for the games I play, that are done in roleplay (within reason) to show off the various stories that happen in the games I play. The main storylines are tomorrow are below, the rest can be found on the rest of my social media accounts.

Grand Theft Auto Universe - Police Forces

The cities and districts depicted in the GTA universe are dangerous places - but someone's got to police them! In my alt-history version of the GTA universe, we patrol the streets of the cities and regions across the US. Click the link to see the posts from my custom forces, or scroll down below for link to find out about all my police forces.

Fallout 4: The Commonwealth Regiment

Over 200 years after nuclear war destroyed the world we knew, the east coast of America is lawless and desperate. From the beginnings of the Commonwealth Minutemen, a new organisation was created: The Commonwealth Regiment. Check out the link for the full story!

Game Reviews

I do reviews of a number of games and mods. After a couple of years absence, I'm getting back into doing reviews again. Check out my reviews on the Game Reviews Page.

Mod Lists

In many of my games I use a number of mods to enhance the game. For games that I show off publicly, you can see the full modlist I use for the games below:


Police Forces

I've created a number of fictional police forces for use in my custom GTA Universe. See all the forces and find out more about them at the page linked above.