This is the list of mods I use in GTA V. Click on the photos to follow the link to the download page for each of the mods. Please note, I only include the name of the developer that I obtained the mod from. For a full credit list, please contact the author.

I accept no responsibility for incorrect credits given by the author - but I am open to being contacted so I can inform people on my website.

Major Mods

Los Santos Rescue Division

by LSRD Dev Team

Firefighter, ambulance & coastguard mod.

Firefighter Mod (Mode Sapeurs-Pompiers) 2.5A

by StAfFMaN

Rescue Mod V (FD + EMS + Coast Guard) 0.3b

by gangrenn

LSPD First Response 0.3.1

by G17 Media

Vehicle Mods

Mercedes-Benz Atego HLF Töpfe + Script [ELS] (German Firetruck) V2

By Topmods & Prio1Gaming
Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob
Role: Fire Rescue Unit / Heavy Rescue unit
Slots: Firetruk, Firerescue

2017 Police Jaguar F-Pace (ELS Pack) V1

by BritishGamer88

Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob

Role: Officers Car / Safety Car

Slots: JagFPace, JagFPaceSC, JagFPaceUNM

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter coroner hearse 1.0
by TEAM MOHaalsmeer
Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob
Role: Forensic Services
Slot: speedo


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dutch Prisoner Transport 1.1
by TEAM MOHaalsmeer
Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob
Role: Prisoner Transport
Slot: pbus


Lancashire Fire & Rescue Appliance [ELS] [FINAL]
by BritishGamer88
Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob
Role: Fire Tender
Slot: daf

Metropolitan Police Ford Focus Estate Pack [ELS]
by Bleep999
Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob
Role: Incident Response Vehicle
Slot: police2, policeold1, dilettante2

2015 Metropolitan Police Vauxhall Astra ELS IRV
by Bleep999

Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob
Role: Incident Response Vehicle, RRV
Slot: police, sheriff, astra

Pedestrian Mods

British Police Officer (New Ped Model Female&Male) 2.0.0
by amateurModder
Skin Edits: Hibblejaybob

British Emergency Services Ped Pack [OIV] 1.2
by festivalmatt

Script Mods

British Policing Script –

By Albo1125
An entirely new Traffic Stop menu, a new Persona & Vehicle Records system and a court system for British-style roleplay.

LSPDFR Computer+ –

By Albo1125
A user friendly Police Computer for searching records, writing reports and calling for backup.

Assorted Callouts –

By Albo1125
A range of differently-styled callouts for you to experience.

Arrest Manager –

By Albo1125
A complete overhaul to the way you can deal with your prisoners!


By Albo1125
Improved pursuit AI, better Traffic Stops and even a fully fledged court system

Police SmartRadio –

By Albo1125
Allows you to perform many actions from a fully customisable radio.

Be a Prison Guard[SWAT Rope][Prison/Army Entrance] 0.08
by Anarchiyx3


Weapon Mods

ASP Baton 1.1

by Double Doppler

Map Mods