GTA 5 Modlist

This is a list of all the mods I use in my GTA 5 videos and screenshots. This list provides the name, author, and a short description of the mod - as well as a link to the mod (if available). If the mod is private, or otherwise unavailable, I will include this in the list. If I have made any edits to a mod (which I do most of them), I will also include this.

I attribute the author as the one shown on the place where the mod was downloaded from. While I take every step to ensure these credits are accurate, I bear no responsibility for incorrect attribution at the source, or for any disputes regarding ownership of the mods, such queries should be direct to the people in question directly.

If anything in this list is wrong or missing, please contact me and I'll get it sorted.

Major Mods

These are mods that add a significant amount to the base game of GTA 5, changing how the game looks and how the game is played.

LSPD: First Response 0.4.7
by Sam

The main mod for GTA5! Play as a police officer across a wide range of forces in the GTA 5 map. v4 brings new animations, uniforms, as well as countless other features.

GTA5 Redux 1.9
by GTA5 Redux Team

More than just a graphic enhancement, GTA 5 Redux adds a wide range of features to GTA 5, including realistic handling for vehicles, realistic damage (gotta be careful now!), as well as some amazing sound redesigns!

Emergency Uniforms Pack
by Alex_Ashfold

EUP adds the ability to fine-tune the look of your characters with a wide range of uniforms for police, fire, ambulance and military - as well as all the MP civilian clothing. There are 4 mods that make up EUP, I am using them all:

  • EUP Menu
  • EUP Law & Order
  • EUP Serve & Rescue
  • LSPDFR EUP Configurations

Edits: Texture edits by Hibblejaybob, slot edits and uniform layouts by Hibblejaybob

Coastal Callouts v2.0
by PNWParksFan

An extensive mod for GTA5 and LSPDFR, that adds new vehicles, uniforms, locations, maps, and events to the game, allowing you to play as part of the Coast Guard - rescuing people from difficulties on the seas, and protecting San Andreas' waters!

Script / Plugin Mods

These are mods that add extra functionality to the base game, or to another mod by scripts.

Rage Plugin Hook
by MulleDK19 / LMS

RageHookV is a tool that enables mods to be created for the game using common programming languages and loaded into the game.

Script Hook V
by AB Software Development

ScriptHookV is another tool that facilitates the loading of mods into the game

Community Script Hook
by crosire & contributors

ScriptHookV.NET is another tool that facilitates the loading of mods into the game

Emergency Lighting System 1.05
by Lt.Caine

ELS is a script that allows for advanced control of emergency lights and sirens.

Modding DLC Pack V 1.2
by Albo1125

The Albo Modding DLC is an installer that provides one DLC folder to conveniently replace or add new vehicles, peds, and weapons.

British Policing Script 1.2
by Albo1125

The British Policing Script is an expansions for Albo's LCPDFR+ script, adding British offenses, court systems, crimes and more.

by Albo1125

LSPDFR+ expands the features of LSPDFR, with new Pursuit AI, a courts system and a new, improved traffic stop system.

Assorted Callouts 1.2
by Albo1125

Assorted Callouts adds more calls to the game.

Traffic Policer 6.16
by Albo1125

Albo's Traffic Policer massively expands the toolkit users have for realistically conducting traffic stops, with functions to direct pulled over cars to specific spots, breathalysers, drugalysers and more.

Arrest Manager 7.11
by Albo1125

Albo's Arrest Manager expands the users toolkit for making arrests and calling for prisoner transport.

Police SmartRadio 1.2
by Albo1125

Albo's SmartRadio provides immersive and convenient access to features of multiple addons.

Siren Mastery 1.6
by Albo1125

SirenMastery is an alternative siren management mod to ELS, which provides the ability to provide a unique siren setup for each vehicle.

Foot Pursuit Aid 2.3
by Albo1125

Ever been stuck in a foot chase across all of San Andreas? Foot Pursuit Aid is the answer: allowing you to sprint to gain on the suspect.

Police Tape 2.1
by PNWParksFan

Police Tape is a mod that adds police tape and barriers, allowing users to effectively cordon off areas from traffic and pedestrians.

Better EMS 4.1b
by PNWParksFan

Better EMS provides a realistic and expanded medical response, with ambulances and responders being dispatched from the nearest stations and having to travel to the scene.

Licence Plate Changer
by leftas

Licence Plate Changer allows a new format for number plates in the game.

Edits: This mod is open source and has significantly recoded by myself for my custom GTA Universe

Police Partner 4.0.7017
by Darkmyre

Police Partner adds a police partner to LSPDFR that can drive and back you up during your patrol.

Search Warrant 4
by Darkmyre

Search Warrant allows users to search suspects cars for illegal weapons and contraband! You can also search your own patrol car for first aid and ammo.

Agency Callouts 4.1
by Darkmyre

Agency Callouts is a callout pack for GTA 5, adding more calls and the ability to play as a paramedic.

Fire Callouts 1.4
by Pannos1221

Fire Callouts is a callout pack that adds a number of fire and rescue callouts, allowing you to play as a firefighter in GTA 5.

Advanced Fuel Mod v1.4

This is a fuel mod that lets users fill up their car at petrol stations, and means they can run out of fuel. This mod also remembers the fuel level of the vehicle you've driven, avoid bugs seen in other fuel mods.

Player Location Display 4.0
by Lt.Caine

Player Location Display adds a small indicator to the screen showing what street you are on, and your direction of travel.

NFS gauge 2.63.2

A speedometer guage for cars, bikes, and other vehicles, with configurable skins & stopwatch.

Realistic Reload 1.0.5
by CamxxCore

A simple mot that does not automatically reload your weapon when the clip is empty, you must remember to do it yourself!

Strapped 1.2
by jedijosh920

A mod that lets you pull out a gun by pressing a key, rather than using the weapon wheel, for extra immersion.

Stow That Weapon
by Will

A script that places your weapon on your back when you don't have it equipped.

Edits: Position edits

Enhanced Cruise Control/Speedlimiter v2.9b
by Kryo4lex, Krazy, TheSigui

A cruise control mod that allows the user hold their speed at a current speed, or use the controls to manually set a speed.

Spike Strips V v1.2
by alexguirre

A mod which lets you deploy spike strips (of various sizes) to puncture the tyres of passing vehicles.

Open All Interiors v5.1
by NewTheft

A mod which lets you access interior spaces from SP and MP that are not typically accessible in the normal map.

Tool Mods

These are mods that allow you to work with files and mods within the game, as well as tools to fix issues and increase stability.

by OpenIV Team

OpenIV is a mod and archive manager that lets you inside the archives that make up GTA5 to edit files and add new ones.

Simple Trainer for GTA V 11.4
by sjaak327

Simple Native Trainer is a trainer tool for modifying various elements of the game & spawning cars, peds, and weapons.

Lenny's Mod Loader 0.4
by LMS

Lenny's Mod Loader is new on the GTA5 modding scene, but is set to drastically simplify the process of installing mods for the game - including being to have load some mods in while the game is running!

GTA 5 Gameconfig 21.0
by F7YO

Updating the gameconfig.xml is important for anyone wanting to run lots of mods, as a limit is softcoded into the game, which this mods overwrites.

Pack File Adjuster 1.1
by Unknown Modder

A mod that doubles the amount of Pack files (RPFs) that GTA5 can load.

HeapAdjuster 1.0
by Dilapidated

A mod that increases the game allocator heap to prevent crashes, with an INI so you can customise the value.

Map Mods

These are mods that add new areas to GTA5 for the player to use.

Vice Cry Remastered
by lunchxbles

Adds the GTA Vice City map to GTA 5, with updated textures where possible. This mod is fully traffic and pedestrian pathed, with only a few glitches.

French Riviera V
by EncryptedReality

Adds a French Riviera map to the game. There are no traffic lights anywhere on the map, but the map is mostly vehicle pathed. There is no pathing for pedestrians.

Liberty City V
by various modders

Adds the GTA Liberty City map to GTA 5, with traffic, pedestrians, and traffic lights. Mod development was discontinued, and can no longer be obtained (so please do not ask).

Texture Mods

These are mods that change how the world of GTA looks

European Road Textures 1.5
by Kevin53646

Replaces the textures of all roads in San Andreas with high definitions German, Dutch or Swedish textures

British Road Signs & Props 0.9.1
by Razor792 & Albo1125

Replaces the roadsigns and many of the roadside props with British ones.

British Registration Plates (White Edition) 1.0
by Razor792

Replaces the registration plates of vehicles with ones of a British shape.

Edits: Texture edits by Hibblejaybob to remove the "GB" nation indicator

Vehicle Mods

These are mods that add new cars to the game.

Ford Focus Incident Response Vehicle ELS v1.0
by Connolly14

Ford Focus Estate

Edits: Texture edits


Ford Ranger ELS
by BritishGamer88

Ford Ranger (No longer Available)

Edits: Texture edits


Pedestrian Mods

These are mods that change the appearance of pedestrians in the game.

[EUP 8.1+] Outer Vest Carrier v1.2
by SimplisticMods

A new vest for use by police officers in the EUP pack.

Edits: Texture edits


No Longer Used

List of mods I used to use, but no longer use, for various reasons.

LeFix Simple Fuel 1.1.7
by LeFix

This is a fuel mod that lets users fill up their car at petrol stations, and means they can run out of fuel.

Heap Limit Adjuster 1.0
by FiveM Systems Division 

A mod that increases the game allocator heap to 650 MB to prevent crashes.

Liberty City Rewind
by EncryptedReality

Adds the GTA 4 Liberty City map to the game (no traffic or pedestrian pathing)

Large Traffic Paths Liberty City Rewind
by elcreador

Adds some traffic paths to Liberty City Rewind (typically larger routes). Note that traffic does not obey traffic lights, nor one way streets!


Ignore this, this is for Hibblejaybob's own benefit!

Mod Name  & Version
by Author

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