What is this?

I operate a strike policy across my YouTube channels to cut down on trolls and spamming behavior on my sites.  What I consider to be spam is often different from  what most people think, so the policy is detailed below.

Under this policy, you incur strikes for certain actions (detailed below), and on reaching 10 points, you are blocked from my channels until your points disappear.

Why do I do this?

I love the community I have built and and getting to interact with the many people out there. As such, I get notifications on all my comments in all my videos - no matter how old! I try my hardest to reply to everything as soon as possible, so it's a bit of a kick in the teeth if the comment is something completely irrelevant to the content of the video.

This Strike Policy have proven successful in the past year in keeping spam content down, and the successful reintegration of banned users back into my community.

Incurring strikes

The following actions can incur strikes against you:

  • Trolling (3 points) - Trolling is when you comment with the intention of causing alarm or distress to myself or other users, usually without any valid reasoning. Trolling is treated very severely, and at my judgement, you may be instantly blocked from the channel and reported to YouTube


  • Irrelevant Comments (1 Point) - I ask that comments be relevant to the video it is posted on. For example: asking about Emergency 4 on a GTA video will incur a strike. Why? I put a lot of time and effort into my videos, and it's really disheartening when people only use it as a forum to talk about other videos - that's what social media is for! Similarly, "First Comment" posts will incur a strike. As I said, i go to a lot of effort to ensure every comment is checked and replied to. Bearing in mind I do well over 12 videos a week, that's a lot of "First Comment"'s I can't reply to!


  • Unauthorised Advertising (1 Point) - If you wish to advertise your channel or website, you should always ask for permission first. Links are automatically blocked on my YouTube channels.

The points system explained

For every strike incurred, the points value of your strike is added to an accumulator, which is added to your total score. The accumulator is simply the total value of all your previous strikes.

For example, let's say a new user starts posting spam comments every week:
1st Comment: Total = 1 (0+1) > Accumulator = 1x Spam
2nd Comment: Total = 3 (1+2) > Accumulator = 2x Spam
3rd Comment: Total = 6 (3+3) > Accumulator = 3x Spam
4th Comment: Total = 10 (6+4) > Accumulator = 4x Spam

Once you accrue 10 points or more, your account is automatically barred from my YouTube channels. The block is not permanent (see below).

Formula: Total Points = Current Points + Strike Value + Accumulator

Clearing Points

Points clear automatically at the rate of 1 point per month, so users are not punished for one-off behavior. However, if you have accrued 10 points or more, you will have to wait until ALL your points have cleared before you will be unblocked. Using the example above, on his 4th comment, the new user would be blocked from the channel for 10 months, until all his points cleared.

It's also important to note that while points clear over time, the accumulator does not. So, if after being unblocked, the new user decided to spam again, his points would be:
1st Comment: Total = 5 (0+5) > Accumulator = 5x Spam
2nd Comment: Total = 11 (5+6) > Accumulator = 6x Spam
As you can see, after being blocked, the user can now only make 2 spam comments before being blocked again - encouraging good behavior!


I am the ultimate authority over my channel,  so there usually isn't much need for appeals, but if you feel there is some extenuating reason why a strike should be removed or amended, you may email me (below) or message me on Facebook and we can talk it over.

You may also request updates on your total points, in the same way.

Amendments for GDPR

The new GDPR regulations come info force on the 25th of May 2018. These new rules generally frown on keeping data indefinitely, so I have made amendments to the Strike Policy to address this.

It now possible to have your accumulator nullified, and be completely removed from the Strike Policy monitoring.

The way the new amendment works is that once your points reach zero (either because of good behaviour or being banned), you will then get negative points. Once the negative point equals the accumulator, you will be completely removed from the Strike Policy process, resetting your accumulator to zero. For example:

  • A user that posts one spam comment gets an accumulator of 1 and 1 point. After one month, the points tick down to zero. After another month, the points tick down to -1. As -1 is equal and opposite to the accumulator (1), this user would be completely removed from the Strike Policy process - after 2 months.
  • A user that gets blocked for spam comment gets an accumulator of 4 and 10 points. After ten months, the points tick down to zero. After another four months, the points tick down to -4. As -4 is equal and opposite to the accumulator (4), this user would be completely removed from the Strike Policy process - after 14 months.

As you can see, the more of a risk the person is the longer their information will be held. It is worth nothing that if the strike policy is enforced again, the points reset to zero BEFORE the penalty is applied.

  • For example, if a user had an accumulator of 4, but were currently on -2 points, if this user posted another spam comment, they would have 5 points (0+1+4) instead of 3 (-2+1+4).

In words, this means that tokens for good behaviours are completely reset by inappropriate behaviour. As there is technically no limit to how high your accumulator can get, and how often negative points can be reset, it is theoretically possible your username will be held on database indefinitely.

Under GDPR, you can request to have this data removed at any time. My policy is simple: if someone requests their strike policy data to be deleted, the data will be deleted immediately, however, as I can no longer track continued bad behaviour, it will result in your account being blocked from YouTube and any other social media platforms immediately and permanently.