Want to see yourself in my GTA IV and GTA V police videos? Sign up to join one of my fictional forces, get yourself a badge, and follow your progress in the "On Patrol" series!

Simply fill in the form below and I'll work on getting you added to the game!

You can pick your force, and much like the real police, you start at the bottom, in an assigned department. Once you've got enough experience you can join on the specialst teams to give your career more of an edge!

But the life of a police officer is not always a safe one! There is every chance you might not make it back from a shift. In which case, you will be given the choice to make a new character

This is just a bit of fun, and way for people to interact with the channel. I stress to the highest that all events that take place in these videos are the result of circumstance, and have not been arranged to bring any person or organisation into disrepute. That being said, no responsibility is taken for any impact on reputation (or otherwise) from any event that occurred during one of these videos.

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  • Select Force - Select which force you wish to join. Please note that some forces are shown less frequently than others. The "big 4" (LCMP, GLSP, BCP, NTP) are guaranteed to be shown once every month, other forces will vary.
  • First and Last Name - Given the circumstances of the videos, you are free to use any name that you want. All I ask, it is nothing rude or provocative, and it is not overly long.
  • Appearance (Sex, Appearance, Hair Colour, Hair Length) - As the appearance choices are very limited by the game itself, these options dictate how your character will look in game.
  • Random Number - In cases where not all information has been provided, or another question needs to be made, the answer will be dictated by this number. If no number is given, it will be 7.
  • Contact Email - The contact email is used only to give updates on character developments and to ask any follow up questions.