Here is the Hibblejaybob video calendar for you to check what videos are coming out and when! It will also show if there is any planned outages to the Hibblejaybob schedule. You can check out the schedule below!

Schedule: Hibblejaybob


1300 - GTA V Emergency Services

We go on watch with the emergency services in the Grand Theft Auto V universe:

  • On Watch with the SAFRS
  • On Watch with the SAAS
  • On Watch with the SORA EFS (max once per month)

All LSRD is currently SUSPENDED pending the outcome of the ongoing issues (see my statement)


Day Off


1300 - Emergency Rotary

The Emergency Rotary is a look at different games in the "emergency genre". Games include:

  • 911 Operator
  • Emergency 4- British mods rotary
  • Notruf 112
  • Emergency 4 - Worldwide mods rotary
  • /
Emergency 4 - British mods rotary

A rotatory of British Mods for Emergency 4:

  • London Mod
  • N&S Mod
  • Brighton Mod
  • Kent Mod
Emergency 4 - worldwide mods rotary

Another rotary of worldwide mods for Emergency 4:

  • Bieberfelde Mod
  • Arhaus Mod
  • BV Lisbonesses Mod
  • CSP-IRG Mod
  • Helping Peter Mod
  • Winterberg Mod


1300 - Driving / News / Day Off

Thursday is dedicated to Driving and News videos!

  • 1st Thursday of every month (after the 3rd) - Hibblejaybob Monthly News
    The latest news about my channels and other exploits!
  • Driving Standards
    Short, information videos on some of the unique and dangerous situations drivers in the UK could come up against!
  • Day Off


1300 - On Patrol... Rotary

We tour the GTA universe as we visit each of the fictional police forces for a patrol. This is a special double rotaty system, with the main schedule as below, and in between will be a video off rom the specialist police forces, which are shown to the right.

  • On Patrol with the LCMP (GTA 4)
  • On Patrol with the GLSP (GTA 5)
  • On Patrol with the NTP (GTA 4 and 5)
  • On Patrol with the BCP (GTA 5)
  • On Patrol with the NLA (V)
  • On Patrol with the Coast Guard (IV & V)
  • On Patrol with the SORA ACF (IV & V)
  • On Patrol with the SAPS (V)
  • On Patrol with the NPAS (IV & V)
  • On Patrol with the Military Police (V)
  • On Patrol with the PLSP (V)
  • On Patrol with the SORA (IV & V)
  • On Patrol with the NYP (V)
  • On Patrol with the NPSC (V)


1100 - Emergency Services in Scotland

Photo and video collections of Scotland's emergency services at work! Occasionally with footage from around the world, and educational spacial edition to teach you more about the emergency services!


1100 - Simday Sunday

The final rotary day of the week is Simday Sunday, where we rather unprofessionally delve into several simulation titles:

  • Tower!3D
  • Simsig
  • Airport Simulator 2011
  • Train Simulator
  • FSX
  • Racing Sims (Automobilista & iRacing)
  • SimAirport
  • Subsims

Schedule: Hibblejaybob Gaming


1300 - Gameplay

I tackle a variety of games in solo gameplay, or online with my friends and others. Games included are:

  • Overwatch (Every 2nd Week)
  • Rodina
  • Super Hot
  • Subnautica
  • Interstellar Marines
  • Clustertruk
  • Stranded Deep
  • Factorio


1300 - Nostalgia Trip!

Nostalgia trip is a look back at the early games of my gaming career. These games got me into the wonderful world of gaming, but do they still hold up under modern scrutiny?

Currently, we are playing through Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time.