Blaine County Police

L√łgreglani √≠ Blainekommunu

The Blaine County Police (BCP) is the local police force of Blaine County. With only two police stations, and covering a huge area, the Blaine County Police is a rural police force, and has to utilise a different policing strategy to reflect that.

With only 2 stations, there are only 2 divisional areas. The West Division (W) is based in Paleto Bay, and covers Paleto Bay, the North of Blaine County, and the west of the county - stretching all the way down to Los Santos.

The East Division (W) is based in Sandy Shores and covers Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, and south and East Blaine County.

There are two specialist divisions: Roads Policing (T) and Armed Response (A) both of which are based at Paleto Bay Police Station, but covers all of Blaine County. There is no dedicated Public Order teams, but units can be borrowed from the GLSP should the situation require.



Ford Focus (Incident Response Vehicle)

Inter-Agency Working

The BCP works closely with a number of emergency service organisations that are also based or operate in Blaine County:

  • National Transport Police
  • National Police Air Service
  • National Power Service Constabulary
  • Special Operations Response Agency
  • Coast Guard
  • Military Police
  • Air Force Police
  • San Andreas Prison Service
  • San Andreas Ambulance Service
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue Service
  • Rescue Association of San Andreas

Real World Analogue

As a local police force, the Blaine County Police doesn't have a specific basis in reality, but takes influences from many police forces across Europe.