We take the privacy of anyone using this site very seriously. This page details the privacy policy that is enforced across this website, as well as other information sources such as Social Media. This page incorporates the Cookie Policy, The GDPR Compliance Statement, and any other legal information relevant to your privacy.


If you have any questions, please contact me at

NOTICE: This page is currently a work in progress. Although the GDPR plan is in place for this site, this webpage is currently in development and will be completed soon.

Cookie Policy

This website does use cookies for the best user experience. Cookies are generated when buying items from the Hibblejaybob Store - as a logon is required. Comments and non-customer registrations are not allowed on this site, but it is technically possible to do - these will generate cookies as well.

Third party plugins are used on this site, and may generate additional cookies to provide you with full functionality and user experience. These third party providers are: WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

GDPR Compliance Statement

The vast majority of interactions with the Hibblejaybob website and associated social media accounts do not result in any information being collected or held by us, although third party providers may hold some data on their own systems (see the Third Party Data Collectors section).

There are three instances in which data will be held by staff at Hibblejaybob, and how the data is handled is slightly different for each case, so a section has been produced for each instance.

Purchasing from the Hibblejaybob Store

  • What data we collect
  • How your data is stored
  • Consent
  • Data disclosure
  • How long your data is stored for

Getting In Contact with Hibblejaybob

  • What data we collect
  • How your data is stored
  • Consent
  • Data disclosure
  • How long your data is stored for

Having the Strike Policy Enforced

  • What data we collect

If the Strike Policy is enforced against you, your username will be collected for the purposes of monitoring your behaviour against myself and other users. The Strike Police is primarily aimed at YouTube, but can be extended to other platforms if needed. On YouTube and Twitter, your username is recorded. On Facebook, your username is your real name, which is recorded in the event any abuse is sent there.

In the event of extreme abuse, comments or messages (including the username) will be saved to be used in a case against you.

  • How your data is stored

No private information gets stored - only the public username. All information is stored on an encrypted text file which is updated monthly.

For extreme abuse, comments and messages are saved the in the form of an image.

  • Consent

By choosing to post on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, you are making a conscientious choice to put your username into the public domain, and are bound by the GDPR agreements of those providers. As this information is in the public domain by your own choice, I am not obliged to ask for consent to collect and hold this data.

  • Data disclosure

Data collected by enforcing the Strike Policy is not shared with any third party EXCEPT in the case of abusive behaviour, in which your username and comments will be passed to the platform owner (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). In extreme cases, your username and comments may be passed to the police.

  • How long your data is stored for

As set out in the Strike Policy, the length of time your data is stored for depends on the severity of your infractions. Small infractions will be cleared sooner, while those that are blocked will take substantially longer. At a minimum, anyone with one point will have their data deleted after two months.

There is technically no upper limit to the amount of points you can accrue, and thus there is *technically* no upper limit on the length of time your data will be held under the Strike Policy enforcement. At the time of writing, the current, most abusive person has 17 points and an accumulator of 12 points, meaning their data will be removed in 29 months from now.

Previous user information

If you were a customer or previous user of the Hibblejaybob website before the 25th of May 2018, your data has been deleted in full. This is due to restructuring of the website that no longer allows non-customers to register to this site, as a result, all users and their associated information have been removed from the website.

Data controller contact information

If you have any questions about the data control policies on the Hibblejaybob website, or associated social media accounts, or if you wish to inspect or remove your data from our control, please contact the site owner Erith McKean by emailling

Third Party Data Collectors

Across this website and social media, there are plugins and platforms that are not owned or controlled by Hibblejaybob that may collect and hold data about yourself. Please see the list below for links to the GDPR / Privacy Policies for the 3rd party data controllers.

Please note that some companies are based outside the EU. For US companies, the US-EU GDPR compliance is called the "Privacy Shield".

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