Greater Los Santos Police

Løgreglani í Sankturkommunu

The Greater Los Santos Police (GLSP) is the local police with jurisdiction in the city of Los Santos. It is one of two local police forces operating in San Andreas. The GLSP is responsible for community, response, traffic and public order matters, with marine, airport and railway policing deferred to other agencies.

The GLSP is easily recognisable by the bright-green tints to its patrol vehicles.

There are 7 divisional areas:

  • B - Vespucci & South-West
  • C - Central
  • D - Del Perro & West
  • M - La Mesa & East
  • R - Rockford Hills & North
  • S - Davis & South
  • V - Vinewood & North-East

And 3 specialist divisions:

  • P - Public Order Team
  • R - Armed Response Team
  • T - Roads Policing Team


Ford Focus (Incident Response Vehicle)

Inter-Agency Working

The GLSP works closely with a number of emergency service organisations that are also based in Los Santos:

  • National Transport Police
  • National Police Air Service
  • Special Operations Response Agency
  • Coast Guard
  • Naval & Marine Police Service
  • San Andreas Ambulance Service
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue Service
  • Rescue Association of San Andreas

Real World Analogue

As a local police force, the Greater Los Santos Police doesn't have a specific basis in reality, but takes influences from many police forces across Europe.