Liberty City Metropolitan Police

Løgreglani í Rættindikommunu

The Liberty City Metropolitan Police (LCMP) is the sole local police of Liberty City, and is responsible for community, response, traffic and public order matters.

There are 4 divisional areas:

  • A - Algonquin
  • B - Broker
  • D - Alderney
  • H - Bohan

And 4 specialist divisions:

  • M - Marine Police Unit
  • P - Public Order Team
  • R - Armed Response Team
  • T - Roads Policing


Ford Focus (Incident Response Vehicle)

Inter-Agency Working

The LCMP works closely with a number of emergency service organisations that are also based in Liberty City:

  • National Transport Police
  • National Police Air Service
  • National Power Service Constabulary
  • Special Operations Response Agency
  • Coast Guard
  • Naval & Marine Police Service
  • Liberty City Prison Service
  • Liberty City Ambulance Service
  • Liberty City Fire & Rescue Service
  • Rescue Association of Liberty City

Real World Analogue

As a local police force, the Liberty City Metropolitan Police doesn't have a specific basis in reality, but takes influences from many police forces across Europe.