North Yankton Police

Løgreglani í Norðuryanktonkommunu

The North Yankton Police is the local police force serving North Yankton. Being a rural police force in an environment prone to snow - the NYP prefers the use of 4x4 vehicles.

With a single station based in Ludendorff, there are no divisions in the North Yankton Police. Instead, officers are highly trained across a wide range of policing areas.



Ford Focus (Incident Response Vehicle)

Inter-Agency Working

The NYP works closely with a number of emergency service organisations that are also based in North Yankton:

  • National Transport Police
  • National Police Air Service
  • Special Operations Response Agency
  • North Yankton Ambulance Service
  • North Yankton Fire & Rescue Service
  • Rescue Association of North Yankton

Real World Analogue

As a local police force, the North Yankton Police doesn't have a specific basis in reality, but takes influences from many police forces across Europe.