2017.09.13 – Hibblejaybob August News

Hello and welcome to the Hibblejaybob monthly news for August - I promise I'll get better at these! Back to normal programming now that I'm settled into my new place.

Experimenting with livestreams has gone down quite well, I hope to expand on them in future, but I don't currently have a set schedule for when I am doing them.

I have some very exciting news coming in the next few month, but I can't let slip any details at the minute, all I can say is subscribe to my main channel, and my new channels down below, it will help me on my way to this very exciting venture!

My Other Channels

Hibblejaybob Gaming

My gaming channel cover games new and old, multiplayer and single player games - basically, anything that is not emergency-related (which goes on my main channel)

Emergency Services in Scotland

This my new channel which is dedicated to clips of the emergency services (rather than the complications I usually do on my main channel). I'm doing this to see how it goes, interesting new content might be coming in the future!

Video of the Month

The Video of the Month for views was the 2017 McDonald Road Open Day, a special episode of the Emergency Services of Scotland. The most liked video was the July Monthly News, which was a livestream I must apologise for. Despite being over 2 hours long, YouTube only saved around 30 minutes of it and I was not recording a local copy. As such, most of the gameplay that was done in the livestream got missed. Sorry about that!

Video Releases

Service Delivery Report

On Time



Live Stream





A new segment of my monthly news, I wanted a new was to assess how I was doing in providing my content on time. Being a high content provider, it can be hard to keep track how well I am keeping to my schedule.

YouTube results suggest that sticking to a schedule is very important to maintaining your audience, so it's a good idea to keep tack of it!