2017.06.18 – Schedule Changes

Based on recent events, it has been necessary to change the schedule because I no longer feel I can provide certain content. There have been some content that has been removed, plus some content that has been added to the schedule. These are detailled below. To find out how the schedule looks going forward, check out the Schedule page of the website.


  • Simaviation – I am moving house and beginning the long process of packing up, so my equipment is in boxes until I move to my new place.
  • Simracing – See above
  • GTA V Content – Following the recent legal action against OpenIV, I am not planning on releasing any GTA V videos until the future of modding on the title is clear. Series affected are:

  • On Watch with the SAFRS
  • On Watch with the SAAS
  • On Patrol with the GLSP
  • On Patrol with the BCP
  • On Patrol with the NLA

  • On Patrol with the SAPS
  • On Patrol with the PLSP
  • On Patrol with the Military Police
  • On Patrol with the NYP

  • 7 Days to Die – Following recent updates making game playable (extremely poor optimisation of the graphics engine) I am suspending all videos on 7 Days to Die.


  • On Patrol with the NTP – Will only be shown in GTA IV, due to aforementioned issues
  • On Patrol with the Coastguard – As above
  • On Patrol with the NPAS – As above


  • Notruf 112 – Following recent updates, I am officially unsuspending Notruf 112 as it can now be recorded.
  • Subsims – A new addition to Simday Sunday will cover the world submarine simulations from old to new!
  • Sim Airport – A fun little game that lets you build and manage an airport in your own. Currently in Sunday, but may be moved in the future.