2017.07.06 – Hibblejaybob June News

Hello and welcome to the Hibblejaybob monthly news for June! In this month, I talk about the channel successes and June's and July's YouTube holidays. Check out the news video to the right, and the month's content down below!

In the video, I forgot about the newly introduced Service Delivery Report, which went through it's first full month! 42 videos were scheduled for June, and 26 went out on time. 3 were delayed, but still shown on the same day, and 13 were delayed to another date (mostly caused by the break I had to take from publishing videos).

I think I can do better...

As I said in the video, I am taking a long holiday in July as I move house, so things will really get back in earnest in August. See you then!

Winding Down

Last month, I announced that I was stepping down my YouTube content from now on. The reason is that I have decided to  do this is I have a lot less time on my hands to do filming as I am now working around 50 hours a week acrross 3 jobs. Combined with very poor performance in the first half of this year, it just isn't worth the workload to keep doing 15 videos a week.


Don't worry, I'll still be around making content, just not as much. You can see the new schedule of content on the Schedule page.

Video of the Month

Our first video of Emergency 4 with the Brighton Mod takes the top spot in both categories, with 870 views and 16 likes in June alone! Looking forward to more videos as development continues.

Video Releases

Service Delivery Report

On Time






A new segment of my monthly news, I wanted a new was to assess how I was doing in providing my content on time. Being a high content provider, it can be hard to keep track how well I am keeping to my schedule.

YouTube results suggest that sticking to a schedule is very important to maintaining your audience, so it's a good idea to keep tack of it!