2017.08.13 – Hibblejaybob July News (Late!)

Hello and welcome to the Hibblejaybob monthly news for July - sorry that we're quite a bit into August now! As many of you know, I moved house in July, so there wasn't a great deal of contentent getting posted!


Keeping it short, I'll talk about the video of the month, content and service report.

Video of the Month

For the 2nd time, Emergency 4 with the Brighton Mod once again take both the Video of the Month for Likes and Views - for the second time in as many episodes! In this episode, emergency crews deal a bombing at a local fast food venue!

Video Releases

Service Delivery Report

On Time



Live Stream





A new segment of my monthly news, I wanted a new was to assess how I was doing in providing my content on time. Being a high content provider, it can be hard to keep track how well I am keeping to my schedule.

YouTube results suggest that sticking to a schedule is very important to maintaining your audience, so it's a good idea to keep tack of it!