Statement on LSRD

Hi Everyone,

I have been asked several time to make a statement regarding the leaked data and possible stolen code from the LSRD mod for GTA V. Normally, I leave squabbles between developers alone, but as I have openly supported LSRD, both morally and financially, until now, I feel it now right to issue a statement.

Personally, the leak of information is inconsequential to me, as my information is all stuff I put in the public domain anyway. However, I appreciate that not everyone will be in the same position. The developer of LSRD has informed me the leak will be fixed, but they are in the process of moving house. They provided no information on when, or why the leak is still ongoing, despite the server now being shut down.

My primary concern is with the stolen content: an allegation that has been raised before and one that I previously disregarded due to a lack of evidence. However, I have now been presented with convincing evidence that old versions relied heavily on uncredited content from other developers, and recent versions still relies on content not correctly credited.

I am therefore satisfied that software is being used in LSRD outwith the terms defined in it’s license and as such, I feel I must withdraw my support for LSRD until a satisfactory resolution can be reached by all parties involved.

If it cannot, this decision may become permanent.

I would like to add that I supported LSRD in the best of faith, and no offense was intended against any of the parties currently involved in this discussion.

Sadly, this does mean that LSRD content is suspended from the schedule, and I am actively seeking a replacement. Please bear with me while I (once again) change the schedule.

Kind Regards,
Erith aka Hibblejaybob